Sonntag, 26. April 2009

Neue Audio-Paper aus Bremen/Bielefeld

Gerade erschienen:
  • S. Heise, M. Hlatky, J. Loviscach. Aurally and Visually Enhanced Audio Search with SoundTorch. ACM CHI 2009 Extended Abstracts, S. 3241-3246
Anfang Mai auf der AES Convention:
  • M. Hlatky, D. Black, K. Gohlke, J. Loviscach. Enhanced Control of On-Screen Faders with a Computer Mouse. AES Paper 7738
  • S. Heise, M. Hlatky, J. Loviscach. Automatic Adjustment of Off-the-Shelf Reverberation Effects. AES Paper 7758
  • M. Battermann, S. Heise, J. Loviscach. SonoSketch: Querying Sound Effect Databases through Painting, AES Paper 7794.
  • D. Black, S. Heise, J. Loviscach. Generic Sound Effects to Aid in Audio Retrieval, AES Paper 7795
Im August auf der ICMC:
  • J. Loviscach. Projecting Finger Placement onto the Fretboard.
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